Review: The Hero 2.0 motorcycle Set from Shima

Review: The Hero 2.0 motorcycle Set from Shima

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What do I need to know:

The Hero 2.0 set from Shima is a versatile and protective three-layer textile motorcycle set designed specifically for female riders. Perfect for both touring adventures and casual motorcycle rides, it offers comprehensive safety features and multi-season functionality.

The Material:

The Hero 2.0 set features a three-layer construction. The inner thermal lining is removable, making it ideal for both cold and warm weather. The NextDry waterproof membrane ensures that you stay dry, but is also unzippable and removable. The ventilated top shell, equipped with numerous ventilation panels, keeps you cool during hot weather. 


The panels are easy to access and can even be opened during riding if needed! Super smart! 


The Hero 2.0 motorcycle clothes for women are CE-approved with an AA protection level. The set includes Air Force Shima protectors in the back, shoulders, and elbows of the jacket, as well as in the knees and hips of the pants. These protectors are breathable and flexible, though slightly stiff, and can be upgraded to thinner impact pads if you want a bit more movement. 


The double-layer material and safe seam reinforcements, made from durable Cordura fabric, enhance protection in impact areas, while reflective elements increase visibility in low-light conditions. 

Looks and Features:

The Hero 2.0 mc set for women offers a stylish and functional design with ample storage and practical design features. 


It has multiple pockets, including double front pockets, cargo pockets on the pants, a glove pocket on the jacket's back, and a dry pocket for valuables. 


The set also provides adjustability with sleeve and waist adjustments, an extra zipper on the hip area to expand space for a woman’s body shape, and waistline adjustment on the pants for a snug fit. 


Additional features include snug cuffs to prevent wind from entering the sleeves, connecting zippers (back zipper or 360-degree zipper around the waist), and large ventilation panels on both the jacket and pants for excellent airflow.

Fit and Sizing:

The Hero 2.0 motorcycle clothes for women are available in sizes XS to 3XL. The fit is generally true to size, but the arm and shoulder areas can be tight. So if you have broad shoulders then size up and use the many adjusting features to get your perfect fit! 


The pants are slightly longer than average, which may affect the fit for shorter riders. Especially since the pants come in only one length with no choice to opt for a shorter or longer version.


Please check the size chart before purchasing.



The Hero set is for you if:
  • You need a versatile, multi-season motorcycle outfit (maybe you are a new rider starting out?).
  • You want comprehensive safety features with AA protection.
  • You appreciate adjustable and customizable fits to accommodate different women's body shapes.
  • You need ample storage and practical design features.
  • You want a jacket that you can use in both colder and warmer weather 
The Hero set is not for you if:
  • You have broader shoulders or wider arms and prefer a looser fit.
  • You are shorter and the longer pants length might be an issue.
  • You prefer a less layered, more flexible outfit for ease of movement.
  • You want a more colorful mc-look. 
Final Thoughts:

The Hero 2.0 set from Shima is a fantastic addition to any female driver's wardrobe. Its combination of versatility, protection, and thoughtful design makes it ideal for a wide range of riding conditions. This set is also ideal for new riders looking for their first motorcycle outfit! 


If you are a new rider, please check out our blog post: Just Starting Out Your MC Journey? For additional advice! 

Watch the Full Review:

For a detailed look at the Hero 2.0 set, including a closer inspection of its features and our personal experiences with it, check out our full YouTube review. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and leave a comment on what you'd like us to review next! 



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