Just Starting Your MC journey?

Just Starting Your MC journey?

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Feeling a bit uncertain as a new rider? Don't worry, insecurities are TOTALLY normal and we all have them. Every rider starts somewhere, and you will too. So let's navigate through a few things that might make the start of your journey easier!



You've got this! It might seem like a mission impossible and you might be feeling uncertain and not confident when on the bike, but don't worry - we all felt like this at the start. Handling a big machine can be intimidating, so don't be too hard on yourself if you have a rough day on the bike. Sometimes we ride well, sometimes we don’t. . Sometimes we keep the bike straight, sometimes we drop it. Want to know the secret? It happens to everyone sooner or later ;)


Ride at your own comfortable pace. Being surrounded by other motorcyclists can be intimidating, as everyone will have their own opinion of how one should ride a motorcycle. Some like to take it slow, while others will push and challenge themselves (and others). But you are the only person that can feel and decide what's best for you. So whether you prefer riding solo or with others, go with what feels right for you - ride as you want, when you want and how you want.



Choosing the perfect motorcycle to kickstart your adventure might be a real puzzle. Here are a few things we suggest you to consider:



The height and weight of yourself and a motorcycle 

Unless you are a real bad-ass adventurer (which we absolutely admire and cheer for of course!), chances are that in the start you will want a motorcycle that is easier to handle and fits your size. We suggest focusing on the size and bike's convenience more than a type of bike or a brand. Especially if you are a shorter woman, try looking for bikes that have a possibility to lower the seat, for example. Some of the great beginner-friendly motorcycles that we see many women enjoy riding are:

  • Honda Rebel 300
  • Kawasaki ER or Kawasaki Ninja
  • Suzuki SV 650
  • Yamaha MT-03
All of them are relatively lightweight and easy to handle, which is a great way to learn how to balance on two wheels at the start. 


Consider the bike's age and price

While owning a brand-new motorcycle is definitely a dream come true, starting on some older machine might also be a good idea. If you get an older (and cheaper) bike you likely won't be that concerned about some scratches or small damages you might encounter during your learning time. If you still opt for a brand-new vehicle, you can always consider the frame protection that will likely allow you to enjoy a scratch-free bike for longer.


Take a look at the small-displacement motorcycles

While previously these lightweight machines were typically geared toward new riders, long gone are the days when small-engine (typically 500cc and under) motorcycles were only enjoyed by beginners.


Even experienced motorcyclists these days often turn to these fantastic creations to experience more fun on the road, be it off-roading, urban commute, high-speed touring, or even the track. Both the popularity and the variety of motorcycles with smaller engine capacities have increased drastically, and it happened for a good reason! Check any of these babies, such as:

  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350
  • 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • Kawasaki Z400 ABS 
  • Honda CRF300L
  • Honda Rebel 300
  • Yamaha YZF-R3 or similar

    You will see why yourself! These bikes prove that you don’t need lots of cubes to have a great time! So as a new rider who wants an easily maneuverable and fuel-efficient bike you can definitely consider the small-bore segment.



    Now that you've chosen your bike, it's time to gear up.There is a huge selection of motorcycle gear available and it might be a true challenge to navigate the jungle of your first mc look. So here are a few suggestions from us for a successful start and enjoyable process:



    Visit Moto Lounge

    We are experts in women’s mc gear for a reason and there is nothing we love more than sharing knowledge and helping riders, especially new ones, embark on your mc journey feeling safe, confident, knowledgeable and stylish.


    So before you even start the mc gear choosing process, feel free to visit us or get in touch - we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you feel confident when picking your first set.


    Choose the gear based on your riding style

    Your gear is for you, not for the others. That means it should enhance your riding experience rather than hindering it. People around might be riding in leather suits, but that does not mean you should get one if you are planning to enjoy relaxing motorcycle trips on your chopper. Or peers around you could be real fans for some classic touring look, but that won’t serve you well if you are planning to mainly commute in the city on your street bike.


    The motorcycle clothes you wear should be suited for your riding conditions and circumstances. So think about the way you will mainly ride, weather conditions, roads, time of the day or the year, etc.


    Dress for the slide, not for the ride

    While we hope sliding will be the least you do, equipping for those unfortunate situations is essential. Remember, protective motorcycle gear cannot guarantee to save you from fatal incidents or injuries, but it can drastically minimize their impact. For the beginners, we usually recommend choosing the gear that provides a higher safety level, such as AA or  AAA rated, unless you are planning to mainly enjoy commuting in the city or enjoying slow relaxing rides in the countryside.


    What is most important is that you always wear a certified full protective set, including a helmet, gloves, trousers, jacket or shirt and boots. If you want to learn more details on motorcycle clothing safety, gear certifications and other safety related aspects check out our blogpost on mc clothes safety here.


    Consider having a few sets of mc gear

    While you will likely first start with one set, you will soon notice that owning a few sets will highly increase your riding experience.

    That is because finding completely universal motorcycle clothes that would serve in all weather conditions and occasions is almost impossible, and what works well for the colder days will be hard to enjoy during the hot summer days. Nevertheless, you need to start somewhere, so here are a few models of more versatile pieces that could be a great option as the first set:


    Rush 2.0 Lady  (A rated) or the Hero 2.0 Lady (AA rated) jackets from Shima  are great in safety but also versatile.

    So if you are someone who doesn't want to spend money on several different mc outfits just yet, these are great choices. They have several layers, meaning that they can be somewhat adjusted according to the weather and other conditions! Those layers also include waterproofing features whether it be a waterproof layer or membrane and have ventilation panels that help with temperature control.

    Rush 2.0 Lady and Hero 2.0 Lady pants from Shima perfectly match the two jackets and combine into a nice versatile set. The pants share the same features as their matching jackets, offering good safety, comfort and style. 


    If you are looking for something in a slightly different look, then maybe the Valerie Jacket from Moto Girl is for you.



    The Valerie is definitely another newbie-to-go recommendation from us. High safety (AA rated), great style and comfort - all you need for enjoyable rides. The jacket comes in a variety of colors, is great for summer, but also has a removable thermo vest which provides extra warmth during the cooler periods.


    However this is a leather jacket meaning that it is not the best fit if you get caught by a sneaky rain - but that can easily be solved with a few extra essentials that we will discuss later in this blog - so keep reading.



    The Valerie jacket makes a perfect combination with the MC leggings, such as Zipped Front or Ribbed Knee leggings from Moto Lounge.



    They are stretchy and flexible, allowing you to move around the bike effortlessly but provide great protection (AA rated) and nice looks! They can be worn both at the start and end of the season, but also during warmer summer days if the temperatures are not too high.


    If you are planning to ride only in the high season and enjoy the heat - the Sherrie Leggings could be a better pick. Designed for hot temperatures Sherrie provides great ventilation and moisture control, highest safety (AAA!) and stylish fit - what else is needed, right?



    Casual MC riding boots or sneakers, such as Thomson, Viky, Exo, Ace Lady or similar are great beginner boots that provide required safety and comfort for new riders. Such shoes are usually very comfortable to wear, are lightweight and easy to put on. They do not have a high heel or many other features that could make riding more complicated, so these choices are often appreciated by beginners.


    On the other hand, it is definitely not the rule and many women actually prefer high heeled riding boots such as Ayda or Misty, so it is always a good idea to test what fits you best.


    If you want to have a better protection for your tibia bone as well,  then touring or race type boots, such as Terra or Strato are great options. Take into account however that such boots will usually be stiffer and less comfortable to walk in, but provide optimal protection.


    What About the Size and Concerns about sizing? If you can't visit our shop in person, don't worry! Explore our comprehensive size guide and check the size charts attached to each product for specific measurements. However, if you do drop by, our talented staff will be delighted to assist you in finding your perfect fit. 

    While choosing an outfit that you truly like is important, the correct fit and size are even more so! Motorcycle clothes are called PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for a reason as they are purposed to minimize the impact of potential harm. If the clothes do not fit properly, your safety and conformity might be compromised, so finding the best fit is essential



    And here's an extra incentive: when you visit our shop, you'll enjoy the perks of our Starter Pack Campaign. Curious? Swing by to learn more – we hope to see you soon! 


    These are only a few examples and there are way more options to choose from to accommodate the riding needs and ensure best experience no matter when you jump on your iron horse. So browse our website to see your options and give us a shout if you need any help!


    Remember the functional gear & equipment

    When you have already settled on your main motorcycle set, There are some motorcycle essentials to consider that every rider should have. We call them functional gear and equipment and they are the small items that make a great difference for your riding experience and guarantee you that you won't be caught in annoying situations you don't wish to be in.



    We are talking about neck warmers, rain gear, wind jacket, thermo underwear, hair holder pocket for your hair, phone case for your mobile phone, mini helmet visor cleaner that fits in your pocket, helmet lock and other similar items that ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.



    While riding alone is something most of us enjoy, depending on your personality and riding needs you might wish to have companions to ride with. We tend to believe that the motorcycle community is welcoming and open minded and there are some great places to not only find riding companions, but also long lasting friendships. Here are a few communities, places and events that you should check:



    With your motorcycle, gear, and essentials sorted, you're all set to hit the road and embark on your MC journey.  Always remember, motorcycling is to be enjoyed - in your own way, on your own terms! 



    Enjoy the ride,  stay safe and we look forward to meeting you on the road!


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