a woman standing in front of Moto Lounge shop holding brown jacket on her shoulder


Hello my fellow rider! 👋 

Welcome to the Moto Lounge! 

Moto Lounge was created with the purpose of assisting women in discovering motorcycle riding gear they truly love. Our aim is to help you find the gear that is not only safe and functional but also looks fantastic and feels absolutely awesome! Rest assured, Moto Lounge is here to help you find your perfect motorcycle clothing piece. 

Moto Lounge is the result of dreams, numerous ideas, and long-term frustration. Firstly, the frustration of not finding well-fitted, stylish, and safe female motorcycle clothes. Secondly, the frustration of not feeling welcomed, appreciated, and prioritized in regular motorcycle shops.

In early 2021, I decided that it was time for women to have a space where we are the focus! A place where every woman can discover safe, functional, great-looking, and, most importantly, well-fitted motorcycle gear. And thus, Moto Lounge, the first-ever motorcycle clothing shop exclusively for women, was born!

What began as a modest offering of products from brands I personally loved gradually evolved into an extensive collection of exclusive, safe, beautiful, high-quality products catering to different price ranges. Moto Lounge strives to ensure that every woman can find something she likes.

My vision was to create a place where women feel comfortable, relaxed, and unhurried when shopping for motorcycle clothes. A place where they can savor a cup of coffee, try on collections, seek advice, and perhaps even gather for special events. Moto Lounge Shop is just that—an experience akin to a wedding dress salon, but way better - featuring motorcycle clothing instead of bridal apparel! 👰🏻 🏍️

We are on a mission to empower women by offering a diverse range of motorcycle clothes that allow each of us to express our individual selves. We strive to build a brand and shop that everyone can be proud of!

So, don't hesitate—shop online, visit us in person, or join us at one of our events. Moto Lounge team is looking forward to meeting you in person!

Until then, enjoy the road and drive safe!


Raimonda, the founder of the Moto Lounge