There are hundreds of motorcycle clothing brands in the world. They all have different things to offer. So how are the brands chosen for the Moto Lounge? 

When choosing motorcycle clothing brands for the Moto Lounge we follow a few criteria:

  • Safety. First things come first - motorcycle clothes are suppose to protect us from unfortunate situations on the road, therefore, safety is an essential criteria. We try to pick the brands that focus on safety, test their products according to CE regulations, and provide genuine information to the customer. Does that mean, Moto Lounge won't have non CE certified products on offer? Not necessarily! It simply means - you will always know when that is the case. Product descriptions will indicate the necessary information and we will always advice you - so feel free to ask questions if you have any. 
  • Brand values and concept. That is correct - we do care what kind of brand it is and what do they believe in. The motorcycle market is already lacking the brands that truly create for women. The issue with design, fit or sizing is a real challenge. So if we can find any brand that solves such problems - rest assure we will bring them on board! Moto Lounge especially wants to encourage and support women businesses that create truly for women, so brands like MotoGirl or Eudoxie - are perfect examples of concepts we admire.  
  • Functionality. Would you ride your motorcycle more often if you could (safely) do it in regular clothes? Or at least feel good, comfortable and without the need to change as soon as you step off the pedal? We bet you would! And therefore Moto Lounge wants to have brands that offer us exactly that - more time and joy on the motorcycle! Functional & comfortable clothes can be a huge game changer - we aim for that!
  • The looks! Let's just get honest here - we all want and love looking great on the motorcycle! And today - there is no reason not to do so! That is why we choose brands that make stylish, beautiful and, most importantly, lady-fit clothes. So that we all can look and feel beautiful when on the road!

Want to learn more about our brands? Here is a bit more on some of them:


Pando Moto