Moto Girl

MotoGirl women's motorcycle clothes logo


When a passion for design is combined with a love for motorcycles, amazing things come to life! This is surely the case of MotoGirl - a family-run (mum & daughter) motorcycle clothing brand that was created from a pure wish to change the industry and provide women with the riding clothing we deserve! Beautiful feminine design, high level of safety and excellent fit - these are the things to find in the Moto Girl apparel.

So if you are tired of clothes that are only available in few sizes, or the cut that is adopted from mens' version of clothing - you are in the right place! Moto Girl clothes are created by women riders like ourselves with a focus on women's shapes and liking. I love the look of their collections, but what I love even more - their dedication to provide the perfect fit for every each of us!

So do not hesitate anymore - try the MotoGirl and see for yourself. I promise it will become your favourite brand!


Moto Girl offers 16 different sizes for most of their items! So as always please keep in mind - if your size of the favourite gear is not available in store now, or you simply have any questions or concerns - let me know! Together with the MotoGirl team will make sure you get your perfect fit 😉🏍


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