Held Leather balm for maintaining motorcycle gear

Leather Balm - 225 ml


Are you looking for an effective leather maintenance product for your motorcycle gear? This leather washing agent from Held is a perfect care product to keep your gear safe, fresh and well-looking.

Waterproofing balm for all types of leather. Cares for the leather, has a water-repellent effect and maintains breathability. Direct application with spray applicator. Spray on after washing, allow to dry and polish.

  • Waterproofing balm for all types of leather
  • Has a water-repellent effect
  • Maintains breathability
  • Direct application with spray applicator
  • Spray on after washing, allow to dry & polish
  • 225 ML


Water resistant / waterproof membrane:

Best for:

CE safety rating:

Impact protectors safety level:

Impact protectors included:

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Apply with a soft cloth/cloth.
Read usage instruction before using

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