The label with CE certification on the MotoGirl women's motorcycle jeans

CE standards for motorcycle clothes that you should know

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All those numbers on the motorcycle clothing and gear! 😬

What do they mean and why are they there? Should we know them all?

Even though you don’t necessarily need to put pressure on yourself to remember all those numbers, it is always a good idea to have basic knowledge of the most relevant standards that MC gear should comply with. Why so?

The main goal and idea behind those standards are to ensure motorcycle riders get something protective when choosing MC gear, without having much prior knowledge of testing methods, construction, or materials. In other words - they are fast indicators that can help you understand if a certain product you are interested in will provide you the safety you wish to have. 

There are different CE standards for motorcycle gear, but these are the main ones you will most likely find when shopping for your motorcycle clothing:


EN 17092 - marks the PPE (personal protective equipment) for leisure motorcycle use and is used for trousers and jackets

EN 13634 - standard for motorcycle shoes

EN 13594 - standard for motorcycle gloves 

EN 1621 - protectors (elbow, knee, hip, shoulder protectors; back protectors; chest protectors; airbag protectors)

Sometimes, you might also see a standard EN 13595 on some mc trousers or jacket labels. EN 13595 - is a very similar standard to EN 17092, also used for jackets and trousers. The difference from EN 17092 is that EN 13595 is applied for motorcycle gear for professional use. For example, riding a motorcycle while performing delivery service (letters, small packages), emergency and medical staff, police staff and similar. In other words - if you use your motorcycle for your job - your clothing should comply with the EN 13595 in order to be CE certified.  


Where can you find these numbers and how to read them?

Generally speaking, these numbers are found on the CE certification label, usually sewed inside the garments. The label will always have a pictogram (the person on two wheels - aka motorcycle) that indicates - this is protective equipment for bikers, as well as some other information together with letters CE followed by a number.

These are a few examples of the labels of motorcycle jackets/ trousers, gloves, shoes, and impact protectors:


CE certification mark on the motorcycle show/boot

This label inside a motorcycle shoe indicates that these shoes have been tested and approved according to the EN 13634 standard (control standard for motorcycle shoes and boots). You can be confident and sure this is a product tested according to the highest safety requirements. 


A label of Pando Moto women's motorcycle jeans with CE certification mark

This is a label inside a women's motorcycle jacket/ shirt from Pando Moto, which indicates that this product has been tested and approved according to the EN 17092 standard, which is the latest control standard for motorcycle jackets, trousers and one-piece suits. 


The label with CE certification mark in Shima women's motorcycle gloves

Similar labels you will also find in the motorcycle gloves. This is an example of women's motorcycle gloves from Shima. The label indicates that these gloves have been tested and approved according to the CE standard EN13594, which is the latest standard controlling the safety of motorcycle gloves. 


CE marking on the motorcycle jacket back protector from Pando Moto

And finally, you will find similar markings on impact protectors for motorcycle clothing. This case is an example of the CE marking on the Pando Moto back protector, where EN 1621-2 indicates that this product is tested and approved according to the latest safety requirements for motorcycle body armour. 


Such numbers, markings and labels might seem technical and confusing to read, but they are useful to remember or at least have a basic understanding about. So that next time you shop for your motorcycle gear - you can be sure you make the right decision on your safety! 



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