How to stay warm, dry and ride your motorcycle in style in autumn?

How to stay warm, dry and ride your motorcycle in style in autumn?

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Autumn calls for more rain, more wind and colder weather. That should not prevent YOU from keep riding and looking hella good on your bike!

Autumn can especially offer some beautiful trips on the motorbike. But at this time you will also experience that the temperature is very different from summer. Before, you could have lighter clothes, thinner gloves, etc. But the change of weather must not stand in the way of still looking fabulous and being well prepared.

Because the weather is getting colder, it is a good idea to replace your lighter summer MC clothes with something that can keep you warm and prepared for the weather change. Here it is important to have some waterproof equipment, and pack your rain gear in case heavy rain should appear!

What is a good gear for the autumn rides?


Generally talking - anything that is windproof, waterproof and a bit warmer than your regular summer outfit. Textile clothes with wind and water resistant membranes (think Nexia, Firenzia, Tivola ST, Rush Lady or similar), leather jackets with thermo inner lining (such as Valerie for example). Have you only got a mesh jacket, but still want to enjoy a few rides? If a warmer jacket is not an option, a good idea then would be to get a removable layer for the one you already own - something like a waterproof membrane or wind stopper, such as for example Aura.


A good tip is also to generally layer up! 

A rule to remember, is that if it feels like “sweater-weather”, then it is GUARANTEED MUCH colder on the bike. Although the sun is shinning, the wind is much colder than in the summer. So an extra (or two!) layer of clothing will definitely come in handy to feel warm and cozy. Things like padded vests, sweatshirts (especially the “winter” ones), as well as proper underwear - can make miracles and save your riding experience! 

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And while you focus on main clothing, remember - small things also make a huge difference! A gap on the neck or cold feet might ruin your pleasant ride, so ensure you are prepared!  Remember your neckwarmer to keep your neck protected from the colder wind, and the warmer gloves to keep your hands warm. From soft and cozy options such as the Moto Girl tube to perfectly match your style, to highly functional Held neck protectors - these babies do the big job! 

And of course - your feet! Do not forget your feet! While regular warm socks might do the job quite well, proper motorcycle socks will definitely make you feel the difference. Temperature and moisture control, as found in these Comodo mc socks, ensure your feet stay dry and warm even then it’s wet and cold outside.  

motorcycle riding essentials for riding in autumn

The season also comes with darker times! 

So it is important, if you plan a ride in the afternoon and evening hours, that you are visible to others. Does your gear have many reflectors? Then it’s great! If not - remember to add some to stay properly visible on the road. The Moto Girl reflective vest is, literally, the life saver! With a huge reflective surface and stretchy light material it allows you to stay highly visible while on the ride and enjoy free, non restricted movements. Moreover, since it is a garment that can also be considered a casual wear - it will definitely come in handy for other daily life activities - be it jogging, bicycling or walking your dog. 

One thing that many forget, is that the sun is lower in the sky, and therefore it can blind us. It is therefore important to remember some good sunglasses for the sunny days! If sunglasses is not something you feel comfortable with, think about getting the helmet with an internal sunglass visor, such as for example HJC i90 model. 


So …. Here’s a proper short list for you to be inspired in what to wear from top to toe on your autumn ride: 

  • good sunglasses 
  • neck warmer
  • mc waterproof gloves 
  • good warm mc jacket 
  • rain wear
  • Waterproof MC boots 
  • special motorcycle “winter” socks
  • thermo underwear or vest  


Hope you could use this as a good inspiration for a great autumn look and prolong your motorcycling season even when the weather tries to scare!

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