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Why should you shop for motorcycle clothes in winter?

Posted by Raimonda Grigaite-Kjeldsen on

The temperature outside drops and sneaky rain makes its appearance more and more often. We all know what it means - the exciting and, what always feels like, a super short motorcycle season is over and it is time to park the bike for rest until the calendar hits spring again. 

So what to do during those dark and chilly winter months, when the only thing that warms our hearts is the idea of preparing ourselves and our iron babies for the new chapter in spring? While we cannot enjoy the excitement of road for a while, we can definitely use that time for doing some other exciting things that would keep us in the riding spirit, such as, for example, shopping for your new motorcycle look! 

While shopping during the season definitely has its benefits (such as being able to test the gear straight away), here are a few reasons why you should consider getting your motorcycle gear during the winter time.

  • Ready, steady, go! The motorcycle season is already short enough and there is definitely no time to waste. When the first sun comes out and your insurance allows, you just want to hit the road. Having prepared your gear without a rush during the winter season allows you to quickly jump into those dream kevlar jeans or leather mc jacket and get out on the road in no time! No stress or rush - just more time to enjoy with your iron baby.
  • Better service and personalised experience. While the majority mc shops are busy during the season, winter time is the opposite. Many experience a big decrease in customers during the off season and are very happy for any visitor. Which means that shopping for your gear in winter will likely mean that shop assistants will have more time and energy for you - better service and advice guaranteed! 
  • Discounts and deals. There is no surprise that many motorcycle businesses struggle during the off season, as it is more difficult to attract customers. This often leads to businesses offering some good deals to help sell out the stock. Special discounts or sales are common, meaning that not only you will have more time and get better service - you can also save a lot of your money while getting your gear in advance before the season. 

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No surprise that all this also applies for shopping in the Moto Lounge :) 

Winter is a quiet period for us, where we have way more time to focus on our customers and their individual needs. Visiting us during the off season not only gives us time to advice you better, but also enjoy each others company with no rush, having a cup of coffee or chatting about motorbikes. As a rule, we also have various great deals and discounts during winter, as it is the time when collections change and our stock moves. It is a great time to save money and get your dream gear - so you are ready to hit the road when the new season comes! 

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