Know your size - Moto Lounge’s extensive size guide

Know your size - Moto Lounge’s extensive size guide

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Are you struggling to find your perfect fit when shopping for MC clothes? We can understand! The sizes vary from brand to brand, and material and fit also has something to say in the matter! It is a jungle! 

In this Moto Lounge size guide, our exclusive focus is on the sizing of our products. For a deeper understanding of safety considerations, riding styles, and materials, we recommend exploring our previous blog post, How to find the perfect fit of your mc clothing?


This article is divided into three main parts. First of all a checklist that we recommend you take into consideration before purchasing mc clothes online. Secondly tips and tricks to make sure you find the perfect fit. Last but not least we dive into an example!

Checklist before buying


Garment or body measurements?
Pay attention to the size chart provided by Moto Lounge, which may include either body or garment measurements.



Measure yourself
Start by using a flexible measuring tape to measure key areas of your body. For bust, waist, and hips, wrap the tape around the fullest parts without pulling too tight. To determine your inseam, measure from the crotch down to the desired pant length. 

Remember to maintain consistency, keeping one finger between the measuring tape and your body for precision.


Compare to what you have already
In the case that the size guide provides measurements of the garment, you can compare the measurements to clothes that you already own. 

In some rare cases, when using size charts to find the perfect fit, the provided measurements of SOME products might represent half the circumference or diameter. For instance, if the size chart indicates a measurement of 33 for the waist width, it means the full circumference is 66. 


Doubling the given measurement helps ensure an accurate match between the garment and your body or existing well-fitting clothing. This is normally indicated in the size chart or very clear to notice since a waist of 33 cm or 35 cm is pretty rare, we'd say :)

When trying on the clothes 

Tight versus loose
Yes comfort is often key, but safety is always the priority. This means that even though a loose fit might feel better, motorcycle clothes are meant to have a tighter fit. This ensures that the safety pieces are placed correctly on your body. The goal is to find the perfect balance - a loose enough for you to move freely, but tight so that impact protectors sit well in the right place.


Move around in the clothes
When testing out your gear, make sure to not only stand and walk but also simulate the riding positions you'll be in. You might be surprised how different the gear feels in various positions. Sitting and moving around in different positions ensures you get the full picture of how the gear fits and feels.


Size is just a number
Many MC clothes and gear are small, so you might have to go one or two sizes up. Remember that your comfort and safety are more important than the number of your size!

Navigating Sizes Across Brands

When it comes to motorcycle gear, the diversity in sizing charts can be as varied as the roads we ride. Different brands utilize distinct measurements, adding an extra layer of complexity for riders.


Some may employ EU sizing from 32 to 56, while others opt for a different approach like XS-XL or even sizes like W32/L32 (jeans). To simplify this landscape, let’s dive in with an example! 

Size example - Jeans/Trousers

Waist: Convert jeans sizes to EU standards by adding 10. For instance, a waist size of 32 translates to EU 42

Length: Be mindful of the length. A standard EU 32 is around 78 cm inseam, but some brands, such as Pando Moto for example, often have a bit longer trousers where 78 cm inseam is considered short. 


Some write petite, some write short, some write L30 - but they are talking about the same thing!


Brand Origin Matters
As a final note please understand that sizing can be influenced by a brand's country of origin. For example, Italian brands may lean towards smaller sizes compared to Danish or German counterparts.


Ultimately, the size chart serves as a guide, but the true test lies in how a product fits various body shapes. As individual as our riding styles, finding the right fit often involves trial and error, making each gear selection a personalized experience. It's important to recognize that even women with identical measurements may experience variations in how a product fits. This can be attributed to a combination of personal preferences and differences in body types and shapes.


Remember, the road to the perfect fit might have a few twists and turns, but with attention to sizing nuances, you'll be well on your way to comfortable and safe rides.


The trial and error method 
At Moto Lounge, we understand that finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a journey of trial and error. That's why we encourage you to feel comfortable ordering multiple sizes and trying them on at home. After all, there's no harm in ensuring that your motorcycle gear fits just right before hitting the road.


And the best part? You can do just that with peace of mind, thanks to our flexible return policy. If for any reason you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase, whether it's due to size or any other factor, you can return it within 30 days of receiving your order. Simply follow the steps outlined in our return policy, and we'll take care of the rest.


Return Policy - Online Shop
If you've made your purchase online and need to initiate a return, our process is simple and hassle-free. Just remember to ensure that all items are returned unworn, unwashed, and in their original condition, complete with tags and packaging. For international orders, please allow a slightly longer processing time for your refund to reach your account.


Return Policy - Physical Store
If you prefer to exchange your purchase at our physical store, we've got you covered there too. Our in-store exchange policy allows you to swap sizes within 30 days, provided the item is in its original condition and any special terms are noted on the receipt.


At Moto Lounge, we're committed to your satisfaction every step of the way. Whether you're exploring our online catalog or visiting us in person, we're here to ensure that your motorcycle gear fits like a glove. So go ahead, ride with confidence knowing that we've got your back—quite literally!

Sizing & Fitting

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