Meet Freya - the 8-year-old speedway racer

Meet Freya - the 8-year-old speedway racer

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In a world of roaring engines and dusty turns, there exists a young girl named Freya, whose passion for speedway racing knows no bounds. Her journey began early, as she was introduced to the world of motorcycles by her family when she was just a little girl. The love for motorsport runs deep in Freya's family, spanning for generations.

With a father who has experience in motorsports, Freya was born into a world where roaring engines and raised helmets were part of everyday life. However, both parents work together to balance everyday life and speedway.


"From March to October, we spend about 2-3 days a week on Speedway, training, races, and training camps all over Denmark, and this year we also have a training camp in Germany in March, Freya will be joining." - Søren, Freya's father



A Family Sport

Freya's journey in the speedway world is more than just an individual pursuit of success. It's a family sport that unites generations and creates strong bonds among those who share the passion for motorsport.

In a world where time is often a scarce resource, Freya and her parents have dedicated countless hours to training, racing, and traveling to various tracks around Denmark and even abroad. From March to October, the speedway calendar fills their days with excitement and challenges. And even in the cooler months, they spend time riding cross-country in forests and fields to keep Freya's skills sharp.

But it's not just the physical aspect of the sport that binds the family together. It's also the countless memories and experiences they share both on and off the track. From the initial nervous moments on the starting line to the proud cheers when Freya crosses the finish line, every race is a collective experience for the family.


It's All About Having Fun

For Freya and her parents, it's always about having fun. They always remember that the most important thing for Freya is to thrive and enjoy every moment on the track. Results will naturally follow as long as she maintains her joy and enthusiasm. Therefore, it's important for them to do everything on Freya's terms. Even though it can be frustrating to spend time on preparations and only end up with a few laps on the track, it's important to maintain a good mood, even when things get tough.

Freya's ambitions for her future speedway career vary and are often influenced by her experience with training and races. If she's had a good day where everything goes as planned, she dreams of becoming a professional one day. But if the day has been tough, her only wish is to continue as long as she finds it fun. Regardless, she is determined to follow her passion and ride as long as she feels she's improving and still having fun on the track.


"Remember, they're kids, so the most important thing is that they have fun. The results will come automatically as long as the kids think it's fun and cool, so do it on the kids' terms." - Camilla, Freya's mother


Overcoming Fear

Last year, Freya experienced an unpleasant incident during a race in Holstebro, where she crashed. Another rider hit her from behind, resulting in a concussion, minor scrapes, and a damaged helmet. After the crash, Freya had to take a break from speedway to recover.

Even after returning to the track, Freya was still worried about riding at the Holstebro track, where the crash occurred. But five months later, she and her parents decided to return to overcome her fear. For an entire Sunday, Freya was allowed to ride on the Holstebro track.


"When we left the track in the evening, she was happy and proud of herself (and so were we, of course). Holstebro has subsequently become her 'number 2 favorite track,' as she puts it." - Camilla, Freya's mother


Freya's determination to return to the track and her strong performance demonstrate her resilience and determination. Her experience is an inspiring example of how to overcome challenges and continue to pursue one's dreams.


Girls Can Ride Motorsports Too

We at Moto Lounge want to spread the message that women and girls can also be part of the motorsport adventure. We are proud to support and sponsor young talents like Freya and show that interest in motorcycles and motorsports can start at an early age. Let's break down barriers together and encourage more girls to follow their dreams in motorsports.


"If there are any girls reading this who want to ride speedway, they just need to find a club like SMK where I ride. They need to be their own person like me, I inherit my father's tradition, he rode speedway when he was a kid. Now I do it too. Girls can definitely drive motorsports, girls can easily handle anything with an engine!” - Freya Michela, 8-year-old speedway racer


Follow Freya's Journey

You can follow and support Freya and her development here:


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