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Moto Review: Kusari Cor Women Motorcycle Skinny-Fit Cordura® Jeans

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What do I need to know? 

Kusari Cor skinny motorcycle jeans for women from Pando Moto are designed to combine style and safety. These pants are CE-approved to protection level A, making them suitable for casual rides or commuting. They are ideal for warm weather conditions thanks to their stretchy Cordura fabric, which provides comfort and ventilation. With their high waist and COOLMAX technology, these pants are perfect for everyday wear.

The Cordura Material:

Cordura is a popular choice in motorcycle clothing as it offers both protection and comfort. It is a protective textile, like other materials such as Kevlar, often used in motorcycle apparel manufacturing. Cordura stands out by offering better ventilation and comfort compared to materials like Kevlar, which can be warmer and thicker. Cordura is characterized by its thinner, more comfortable, and flexible nature.



These jeans are for you if...

  • You appreciate comfort and flexibility during your rides.
  • You prefer thinner and more ventilated motorcycle clothing.
  • You use your motorcycle for commuting, leisurely rides, or city riding.
  • You are tall (these pants are long even in the shortest version).
  • You prefer a high-waisted fit.
  • You are looking for versatile motorcycle pants that can be worn for everyday purposes, work, or social events.

These jeans are not for you if...

  • You like to ride fast and far (here you should prefer the safety level AA or AAA for more extensive protection).
  • You are short (these jeans are long, check the size chart to make sure the length is not too long).
  • You are sensitive to the cold, or you ride in colder temperatures that require thicker material.
  • You prefer a low-waisted fit.


Watch our full review of the Kusari Cor Women Motorcycle Jeans from Pando Moto on our YouTube channel here:




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